A local sports cafe in Sandy Hook Center committed to making a great atmosphere, dining experience and sports hub for the Newtown community & beyond


    • SPYCE
      Hot Spyce Sauce – 5 oz Rich in consistency and flavor, this hot sauce also known as the chili sauce, adds an additional taste to the dishes; when served in an excellent quantity. The perfect blend of ingredients makes the eggs, soups, steaks, lamb chops, salads, pizzas, pasta, rice, BBQ, burgers, French fries, sushi, Chinese food, sandwiches and meat even more delicious.
    • CocontWater
      Farm Fresh Tender Coconut are selected and Natural Tender Coconut Water is squeezed out, untouched by hand and put through a special process and packed in food-grade Bottles/ Tetra Pak, which keeps it fresh for 12 months. The taste is Natural and hence good. Tender Coconut Water is considered the Healthiest & Best Sports Drink in the World, because it Contains Vitamins and Proteins. The benefits of Tender Coconut Water discovered by Ayurvedic experts centuries ago, is even today being put to use in modern hospitals worldwide. Cocojal will make it much more convenient to take those benefits to the hospitals.

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    Appetizer Party #1
    Choice of three appetizers:

    Mozzarella Sticks
    Chicken Fingers
    Combo Platter
    Chicken Nuggets

    Appetizer Party #2
    Choice of 3 of the above plus Calamari
    & Choice of a salad (Kale, Apple Walnut,
    Caesar Salad, House)

    Full Dinner Option
    1. Salad
    2. Choice of three of the following:

    Penne alla vodka
    Sausage & peppers
    Chicken marsala
    Rigatoni Bolognese
    Chicken Parm
    (Bread included)
    Tray of shrimp scampi may be added
    @ $4/person (2 pieces of shrimp per person)
    3. Coffee/Tea

    Available add-ons:

    Party sandwiches $20/foot
    Draft beer & house wine
    $12/person for 2 hours
    $18/person for 3 hours